Million-pound drama set to unfold all over again

6th October 2015  —  By

Your chance to win £1.25million

Back in February, a Bristol woman won £5.1million in the Vera&John online casino.

It may almost be time for the next Vera&John millionaire.

Right now, the jackpot for their Arabian Nights game stands at £1.25million.

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It may only be a matter of time before yet another life-changing jackpot is paid out. But will another woman in her 40s be lucky enough to pick up the big win?

The Bristolian woman was playing the casino game Hall of Gods – when she hit the jackpot, and soon after found £5.1million sitting in her account, ready for withdrawal.

It was only when she contacted Vera&John for confirmation that she realised her big win was for real.

“I didn’t say a word. I was completely paralysed”, she said.

It may well now be time for yet another million pound winner.

The Million-pound drama is unfolding

Right now the Jackpot for the game Arabian Nights – which has a similar payout to the game our Bristolian woman won millions on – is up to £1.25million.

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