This Casino Proves It’s Fair – And Lets You Play As The House

9th October 2015  —  By

MegaDice and Satoshi Slot are next generation casino games that can prove fair bets.
Before each bet is placed, you see a scrambled message with the numbers that will win or lose.
The only catch is that there is no way to decrypt this message – unless you own a quantum computer.

After a bet is made, the games show how the message was scrambled and you can verify with that the outcome was in fact fair. The method proves that the house can’t cheat unless they have a quantum computer (no-one does, except, maybe an advanced civilisation of aliens).

MegaDice is a Bitcoin casino that doesn’t use real money – only a form of Internet cash invented by an anonymous inventor under the code name Satoshi Nakamoto. You easily realise that this is the next generation of online gaming when cash outs are instant and the casino operates anonymously – instead proving its trustworthiness mathematically with a series of complicated algorithms.

But this is not all. You can chose to be the dealer and part of the bankroll.

Ever heard that the house wins in the long run? Well, now you can play as the house. Any player can put their money into the pooled bankroll and be a winner in the long run. So far, players have themselves contributed a million pounds worth of bitcoins and they all play as their part of the house.